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Walkthrough – Bedroom over garage and rear extension

This is a tutorial walkthrough to how to approach creating this common project request.

The most common scenario we see for this is:

Ground floor works to open up existing kitchen and dining room into the extension to provide open plan living kitchen and dining space to the rear. Rear of garage converted into utility and WC space, front of garage left as storage

There’s two parts to this scenario, Ground floor extension and garage conversion:

  1. From scopes choose specification Extension
  2. Choose Ground floor rear extension

  3. Add kitchen/living room/dining room template from new build/extend option

  4. Adjust dimensions of Ground floor rear extension to include the external dimensions of the extension shell

  5. Adjust area of kitchen/living room / dining room adjust area to include whole room.

For the second part of this scenario, Garage conversion:

  1. Add Garage Conversion from the new build/extend option.

  2. Then add from the remodel options – Utility room, WC.

  3. From refurb option – storage room, if you want to carry out any works to this.

Note: If it hasn’t been mentioned. If the bedroom is an existing rooom or if this will be part of a first floor extension:

IF existing, then choose remodel option – Bedroom template

IF first floor extension, choose First floor extension template + then add room for New build/Extend option and then select Bedroom template.