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Anna Miroshnik

Front end developer

Anna is BuildPartner’s front-end developer. She has more than 18 years of experience in front-end development and has worked in a variety of industries including banking, online learning, B2B, marketing prediction, military software, and science. Anna’s greatest professional motivation is being part of a dynamic team and helping to create a digital product that is in hot demand. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends as well as playing a handful of different sports.
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Ashleigh DeLuca

Content Creator

Ashleigh is a professional storyteller and devotee of architecture so it was a natural fit for her to join the BuildPartner team as our content creator. She produces everything from our blog posts and emails to our web copy, videos, and more. Ashleigh has spent her career following her passion in marketing and communications. Doing so has led to opportunities that have included writing for National Geographic and The Washington Post and interviewing American politicians like Bernie Sanders as a Washington, DC-based news producer. When she is not sitting at her computer, you can find Ashleigh admiring ancient buildings during her world travels, doing education-related volunteer work, or burying her nose in a deliciously good book.
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Ava Suleiman

Social media coordinator

As our social media coordinator, Ava is always looking for new inspiration to infuse into her posts. This is never a difficult challenge for her because she becomes absorbed in every project she is assigned. She comes from a long background of fintech startups that have included companies like iZettle, Square, and RMS. With 10 years of sales and partner account experience, Ava is passionate about sustainable partner relationships. In her spare time, Ava likes to practice her favourite yoga pose (birds of paradise), explore new cities, and try to keep her plants alive.
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Bogdon Todoriko

Back end developer

With 12 years of experience in the IT industry, Bogdan was a perfect fit to become BuildPartner’s lead back end developer. He joined BuildPartner at an early stage and brilliantly built the platform from scratch. When he’s not coding up a storm, Bogdan enjoys playing soccer and travelling.
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Bonita Bennett

Executive assistant

Bonita is what you’d call the go-to person for SMEs in the tech and B corp sector. Working closely with CEOs and founders, Bonita helps manage various departments within the organisation. Her strong background in operations management and business development has given her a knack for solving problems, developing efficient processes, and just generally getting things done. Bonita enjoys making life less stressful for everyone around her, professionally and personally. In her spare time, Bonita enjoys being with her daughter and answering her complex questions about the world and universe. Thank goodness, we have Google! Bonita also enjoys writing poetry, short stories, painting, cooking, and outdoor activities.
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Elsa Benoldi

Graphic designer

Elsa is a multidisciplinary graphic designer and creative director specialising in branding. She has more than 10 years of experience under her belt in helping brands achieve their fullest expression through digital design, packaging, editorial design, and production. In her free time, she loves visiting art and design exhibitions, browsing street photography, and strolling around with her camera looking for the perfect shot.
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Dean Berrigan


Dean started his career in construction as a suspended ceiling and partition fixer and spent 12 years on the tools before moving into the office to become an estimator. He has over 30 years of experience within the construction industry. When not working he enjoys fishing, listening to music, playing bass (failed rockstar!) and is a keen motorcyclist.
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Gent Buli


Gent is a structural engineer with nearly 15 years of experience in the construction industry, covering many roles over the years, from site engineer to quantity surveyor, structural designer and logistics management. He’s been working solely as a cost estimator for the last 5 years. He loves sports and nature, playing volleyball and practising taekwondo during the week and spending most of his weekends hiking the mountains.
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Hugo Sells


Hugo is a lifelong entrepreneur who has started businesses in a variety of sectors with a focus in technology and property. He loves his work and enjoys helping others to achieve their goals. He is particularly interested in experimenting with organisational structures. For example, finding out whether recent technological advances will enable efficient growth without the previously required concentration of resources and responsibility. His ‘free’ time is spent reading or listening to as much as possible, from the seemingly trivial to the somewhat meaningful.
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James Taylor


James has been an estimator in the residential market for over 12 years and has worked for companies such as Willmott Dixon, Durkan, Engie, and Midgard. Over this time he has accumulated a wealth of knowledge in construction estimating. His previous projects included competitive tenders for multi-million-pound residential developments throughout London. James’ biggest source of motivation at work is playing an active role in helping individuals and companies build their businesses. This motivation has been pivotal to his ability to deliver innumerable successful tenders throughout his career. James enjoys outdoor sports including hiking, swimming, climbing, snowboarding, and cycling. In pre-pandemic times, you could’ve also found James practising Brazilian jiu-jitsu, karate, and judo. Now that he has a basic knowledge of German, James has set his sights on mastering conversational French.
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Jason Noble


Jason is a technical entrepreneur with extensive experience in both computer science and board level IT innovation. He has been a technical director of several software businesses and managed complex enterprise projects with successful exits. Jason’s professional specialties include innovation, training, technical sales, software agile project management, and strategic and operational planning. During his spare time Jason enjoys spending quality time with his family, cycling, teaching and partaking in sailing, and enthusiastically cheering for Fulham FC.
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Ken Vilaysane

Product manager

Ken is a product manager who originally began his professional life in construction. His career has brought him full circle as he now applies his technical skills to businesses in the construction industry. Outside of work you will find him catching up on the latest video games, travelling, and reading about the stock market.
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Leo Andre-Benezit

Project manager

With over 10 years of experience in both Construction and Technology, Leo was looking at ways of reconciling the two when he came across an earlier iteration of BuildPartner and met Hugo. He has expanded 1Roof and now manages it as the estimating arm of BuildPartner where he is constantly striving for more efficiency, smoother processes and better service. With tenders featuring heavily in his day to day and having worked on software in the past he has worked on the BuildPartner design since inception and continues to do so where possible. With too many interests to list Leo is a keen Environmentalist, who you’ll either find active in the great outdoors or studying the challenges we face.
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Rupert Eastwood


Rupert is passionate about working with inspiring SaaS, fintech, and edtech startups, so it was with great enthusiasm that he became the chairman of BuildPartner. He is currently invested in 20 startups and is acting as an adviser to BoughtByMany, one of the UK’s leading unicorns. Rupert also founded the largest independent Asian equity brokerage which became the first-ever UK company to get a primary stock market listing in Japan. When he needs a break from work, you can find him yacht racing and distance running.
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Sarosh Tariq

Tech Lead

Sarosh is a highly motivated software engineer with a diverse background across multiple industries. He excels in every stage of the software development lifecycle and delivery process, specializing in building highly standardized systems that are flexible and scalable for any industry. With a master's degree in data science, Sarosh possesses extensive knowledge of machine learning applications in data processing. Currently, his focus is on cloud architecture, ensuring seamless transitions from development to operations. With his expertise, Sarosh brings efficient and effective software solutions to organizations, driving innovation and success.
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