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How to compare submitted quotes


Comparing quotes is a key feature of Buildpartner’s software, and will help you choose the correct builder or benchmark you would like to proceed with.


In order to do this:

  • Navigate to the quotes section of your project. Found on the Red Square below.
  • Here you can see a list of benchmarks and builders that have submitted or are currently submitting quotes.
  • Benchmarks relate to the tiers of builders, for example High benchmark would relate to a larger scale builder with higher fees associated with, while lower benchmark would generally refer to a sole trader with lower overhead. 
  • To compare and get a detailed breakdown of differences between quotes click on “Compare Quotes” found in the Orange square in the image above.


  • On the Compare Quotes page you can compare different quotes across different stages.

  • Use the Filter dropdown on the right to customise which Quotes you would like to compare.
  • Click on the Stages/Areas in the Blue square, to expand that particular area and compare task by task differences.
  • Use the view filter (Green square), to change whether you want to view the Quote comparison page via Stages or Area.