Building Transparency

Simple software which automates everyday tasks

Save Time

The database of tasks significantly reduces the time spent creating schedules and quotes.

Save Money

Like for like comparison and a database of thousands of prices ensures value for money.

Save Stress

Secure project tracking and version control means disputes are a thing of the past

For Architects, Builders and Surveyors.


Track changing prices as you design


Create quotes in a fraction of the usual time


Create detailed schedules and manage tenders with ease

Recommended by you

"Wow. this is brilliant, I was really hoping it would be something like this… I can see it completely changing the way we work. Especially when the client doesn’t have a clue about budget and we have to try and help them figure it out."

Walter Davies
Amos Goldreich
architect, Amos Goldreich Architecture

"It’s revolutionising the way building projects are being priced."

Vicky Tippell
Architect, Holloway and Holloway

"I love the benchmark prices, it’s so useful to be able to give them to the clients and discuss the implications of different specifications and options."

Siri Zanelli
Siri Zanelli
architect, Collective Works

"Very impressed how quick the tender returns were, that caught me by surprise actually."

Jason Davies
Jason Davies,
architect, De Rosee Sa

"I have to say, it’s very compelling, very clever, I like it."

Liam Russell
Liam Russell
architect, Liam Russell Architects

"It’s a very powerful tool, excellent for giving early-stage information on price."

Liam Russell
Aleksandar Stojakovic
architectural designer, Studio 8FOLD

"This is excellent, and it will be great for small practices, particularly the younger ones who are struggling to make money at the moment, and it’s a massively valuable service for contractors, they spend so much time doing quotes and still get them wrong."

Malcolm Crayton,
Malcolm Crayton
architect, Form Studio

"You’re taking away all the painful bits and leaving us the fun bits."

Malcolm Crayton,
Khuzema Hussain
architect, Collective Works

"Thanks for all your help, it’s a fantastic tool."

Barry Stirland
Barry Stirland
architect, Rider Stirland Architects

"This is great, the templates allow me to knock out schedules in about 10 minutes and they’re much more professional than the ones I used to do."

Malcolm Crayton,
Ollie Rhodes
architect, Maltwood

"This is immensely useful, amazing, that’s something that would have taken me an eternity to do."

Walter Davies
Walter Davies
architects, WD Real estate

"It makes sense, it’s how I’d imagined it which is great, not too different to what I do already, definitely useful."

Walter Davies
Oli Leech
architect, Oliver Leech Architects

"It’s very impressive."

Walter Davies
Mads Dal
Project Manager, Better Home Company

"It’s so good, pricing is not a problem any more."

Walter Davies
Nick Marin
builder, NCM Building

"Having got my head around it on the Eden project I can see how this is going to be very useful."

Walter Davies
Hugh McEwen
architect, Office S & M

"I like how it helps everyone to work together to unlock value."

Walter Davies
Nilesh Shah
architect, Russian For Fish

"I don’t know how you’d do a project without it."

Walter Davies
Alex Smilansky

"It was a lot better than I expected it to be if I’m honest."

Walter Davies
contractor,London & Sons

"This is pretty close to my estimate, but it has all this extra detail, that’s great!"

Walter Davies
Tim O’Callghan
architect, Nimtim Architects

"Many thanks for taking the time to introduce us to BuildPartner the other day! We do think it’s a great piece of software and can definitely see where it adds value."

Walter Davies
Yuting Chen
architect, Fisher Cheng

"Having live costing data and such an interactive tool at our fingertips to inform the design development stage has been empowering to both us as architects and to our clients. BuildPartner has contributed to freeing up and inform the iterative nature of design development especially on residential projects with modest and finite budgets."

Walter Davies
Dana Raydan
architect, Raydan Watkins
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How it works

Create Cost Plan

It’s easy to check benchmark pricing and see the impact of changes in scope

Invite Contractors

Contractors and Subcontractors can be invited with ease and additional companies requested

Compare Quotes

Material and labour costs can be compared like for like across suppliers

Getting Stronger with Every Project








Cost Planning







Built by its users, for its users
Jane Middlehurst
Jane Middlehurst

Barry Stirland
Barry Stirland

Khuzema Hussain
Khuzema Hussain

Vicky Holloway
Vicky Holloway

And doesn’t cost the earth



Unlimited Use



Of project value


  • Software
  • Service

Feasibility study


Of project value

Best for early stage cost plan and feasibility study
  • Qualified and insured scheduler
  • Approximate calculation of quantities
  • Population of likely materials
  • Application of average local rates
  • Moderate Revisions

Detailed cost plan


Of project value

Best for detailed cost plan and schedule approaching tender
  • All included in feasibility study plus
  • Detailed calculation of quantities
  • Research and population of materials and prices
  • Detailed checking of bespoke rates
  • Extensive revisions

Priced tender


Of project value

Best for managing entire project pricing from feasibility to end of project.
  • All included study and detailed cost plan plus:
  • Qualified and insured quantity surveyor
  • Professional advice and management
  • Sourcing and comparison of contractors and sub-contractors
  • Sourcing and comparison of materials and suppliers 0.1% 0.2% 1%



GBP per month

Best for developers and homeowners checking budgets
  • Save project info
  • Create cost plans
  • Invite team
  • Export as excel and PDF



GBP per month

Best for architects and builders creating schedules and quotes
  • Save project info
  • Create cost plans
  • Invite team
  • Schedule (with prices)
  • Export as excel and PDF



GBP per month

Best for project managers collecting and comparing quotes
  • Save project info
  • Create cost plans
  • Invite team
  • Schedule (with prices)
  • Invite Contractors
  • Compare quotes
  • Export as excel and PDF



    BuildPartner is a pricing platform for construction. It helps architects, surveyors and contractors manage pricing for projects under £1m in a simple and transparent way.

    BuildPartner is the only price management software for construction work under £1m. The other option is to use Microsoft excel, and since it is not specifically made for this purpose, there is a lot of repetition and wasted time.

    The BuildPartner software ranges between £15 - £80pcm, there is also a professional service which ranges between 0.1 - 1% of project value.

    You can sign up by starting your free trial here.

    Feel free to send any questions to and we'll reply as soon as possible.