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Entering Fixed Costs

When building out a schedule it is common to enter fixed costs for particular stages of a project. For example, a fixed quotation fee for timber framing structure, or a kitchen island bench.


To do so and to ensure there is no double counting of costs do the following:


For this example we are entering a fixed timber framing cost

  • Navigate to the schedule page
  • Navigate to the stage/substage you want to add the fixed quotation fee to
  • Search for “quotation”
  • Add the Timber frame quotation task
  • Click edit on the Timbr frame quotation task
  • Uncheck “Builder Supplied” (Red square below) and enter the fixed quotation cost (Blue square below)
  • Click “Save and Exit”
  • Delete any other task within the “External Wall structure” stage that is covered by this Timber frame quotation fixed cost, by clicking the trash icon.
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