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Case Study, Zebra Property Group – “BuildPartner saved us about two days of work on this project”

Location: London, England
Project: Cipher House
Industry: Construction

Zebra Property Group is a construction team that provides high-end, bespoke residential and commercial transformations to clients based in London and Edinburgh. Using BuildPartner for the first time, they submitted a quote for the Cipher House project, a modern two-bedroom new-build in Putney, and were selected.

Three facets of their BuildPartner experience particularly impressed the Zebra team: the efficiency and accuracy of creating the initial quote, the client’s clear understanding of the value of Zebra’s services, and the strength of the client relationship as a result. Here’s what Jamie Menzies, Managing Director of Zebra Property Group, had to say about his team’s first BuildPartner experience:

Fast, Accurate Quotes

“I spent very little time actually putting the quote together which was, of course, very helpful. I’d say BuildPartner saved us about two days of work on this project. That’s a huge help for us and it was bizarrely accurate.”

Clear Understanding of Value

“I was worried its level of price transparency would mean that clients would always just go for the cheapest option. But we were the most expensive and the client chose us so, clearly not.”

Stronger Client Relationships

“I was really pleased by how much trust this client had in us. Most of the time, we experience a certain amount of hesitance and caution from clients; it's usually just the nature of the situation when no one really knows how much the project’s final cost will be. But this wasn’t the case with the Cipher House client. I have no doubt this was because they had a clear understanding of what they were actually paying for.”

At the heart of Zebra Property Group’s work is the commitment to stay hyper-focused on providing exceptional service for their clients. Now that the Zebra team can save days of work using BuildPartner, they have more time to focus on business development and ensuring clients feel confident and comfortable throughout their projects.

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