Pricing Payment Terms

Pricing Payment Terms

The aim of BuildPartner is to make it easy for users to create and receive quotes for construction.

Currently, the cost of pricing for a construction company is around 2% of a company’s turnover.

An example:

For a £200,000 project, creating a quote and making and pricing the revisions to contract acceptance takes around 12 hours. Most building companies win on average 1 in 8 quotes they submit. At a £350 day rate that means that winning each project costs £4,200 in pricing (2.1%). On top of which are revisions and updates thereafter.

BuildPartner saves and populates rates and centralises changes so they are populated across all quotes automatically. This saves users on average 10 hours pricing each project. It also increases the accuracy of quotes therefore maintaining profit margins and reducing disputes.

Therefore we split the saving 50:50 and charge users 1% of the project value. This means that the user saves 50% of the cost of pricing, as well as freeing up their time and guarding against the potential losses of inaccurate quoting.

As there are upfront costs involved in setting up projects, we charge all quoters a 0.1% deposit, which is credited to their account if the project isn’t won. So the total fee is always 1% per project.

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