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Pricing Payment Terms

Pricing Payment Terms

BuildPartner was built to solve a big problem in small construction work – clients rarely use quantity surveyors for projects under £1m, so there is no central, quantified and specified schedule of works.

Usually an ad hoc schedule is created by an architect or homeowner, these can be a useful framework but since they do not have the insurance or expertise to create schedules it doesn’t save the builder any time. In fact, it often costs them time as they will have to interpret the users’ needs in their format which is at best inconsistent and more often than not inappropriate.

This means that for each project, multiple building companies have to check the client’s brief, calculate quantities and create prices effectively from scratch. The result is a slow, expensive and often inaccurate process.

BuildPartner provides a quantified and centralised schedule created by a qualified and insured scheduler using a database of common tasks. This means that builders know the quantities and tasks they are quoting are clear and correct and their personalised prices for these tasks are saved and populated.

This saves them many hours, it also increases the accuracy of quotes, therefore, maintaining profit margins and reducing disputes. The information can also be fed to the client-side to increase the accuracy of budgets and eliminate the possibility of being undercut by incomplete quotes.

In using this service, builders have three options:

1) Pay no fee and fill in an unquantified and unpriced excel schedule themselves (the old fashioned way).

2) Pay 0.1% of the project value (£100 in a £100,000 project) which is nonrefundable (very cheap for a personal quantity surveyor).

3) Pay 0.1% (£100 in a £100,000 project), which is refundable if you don’t win the project, but pay the sum of all 0.1%s paid in this way (up to 0.4%) if you do win the project (the best option but requires the approval of all quoters).

Usually quoting will cost around 0.2 – 0.4% of the project value, so the builders are saving 50 – 75% as well as their time and potential for disputes.

The choice is yours.

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Many thanks for taking the time to read this!

The BuildPartner Team