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For Architects & Designers

For Architects & Designers

With Build Partner, you can create quick feasibility studies and detailed schedules in just a few clicks.

Create quick cost plans and feasibility studies

Select from our easy to use templates to create a detailed cost plan in a matter of minutes and help you and your client decide what’s possible.

Tailor your schedule with our live price database

Edit your schedule with access to our live database of thousands of labour and material rates.

Helping you budget while you build out your schedule with the correct and current prices in the UK.

Invite builders and manage your quotes in one place

Invite builders and contractors to quote on your project and compare directly comparable quotes in one central platform and make changes simply and centrally.

Personal quantity surveyors on call at any time

Benefit from dedicated quantity surveyors on call at all times via our chatbot.

Or use our discounted Quantity Surveying rates to compile your schedule or cost plan for you.

Export your quotes in any format

Export your cost plan or schedule in word, excel or PDF. Send it to your client as a basis for in depth cost discussions around scope and budget.

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BuildPartner is a collaborative pricing and estimating software for construction. It helps architects, builders, surveyors and contractors manage pricing for projects under £1m in a simple and transparent way.
BuildPartner is the only price management software for construction work under £1m. The other option is to use Microsoft excel, and since it is not specifically made for this purpose, there is a lot of repetition and wasted time.
The BuildPartner software ranges between £15 - £80pcm, there is also a professional service which ranges between 0.1 - 1% of project value.
You can sign up by starting your free trial here.
Our team provides quotations formatted to Excel , PDF and Word. The features section of our website also provides valuable information about the different BuildPartner features that can help you prepare quotations.
The material rates provided in our estimates come from saved and submitted costs from local UK builders and are checked against live prices from material suppliers.
We use a blend but tend to focus on database rates. These are less variable, easier to model from and reflect a more accurate baseline of costs.
We don’t source materials from one supplier so it would be challenging for us to take trade discounts into account at the moment. However, it is possible for you to save your specific material rates where you have negotiated particular deals.
We carry out our measures using Bluebeam and can provide copies of our PDF files to you for review. Once received, let us know if you see anything you’d like us to change and we’ll take care of it for you.
The BuildPartner platform allows you to view prices in two ways by areas and by stages. You will then have the option to filter by room or by bill element. So if the client would like to phase the works in packages, you can filter the section of works accordingly.
Feel free to send any questions to and we'll reply as soon as possible.