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Become A Partner

Become A Partner

BuildPartner was made for its users by its users

We knew that building this product would need a lot of support from industry professionals. It handles a complex process which requires a change of habits, and while excel was not fit for purpose, it was very flexible and rich in features. Building something more appropriate would be a gradual process and meant closely working with our users. So who better to test features, direct the product and let other people know about it than the architects, builders and other industry professionals who are going to use it?

A common reward for this kind of support is gift cards. But while it might be temporarily exciting to have an Amazon shopping spree or a month’s worth of Starbucks coffees, this type of incentivization is superficial and doesn’t authentically deepen the relationship between a business and its users.

On top of the fact that user involvement was likely to result in a stronger business, there are compelling social reasons for widening involvement. As businesses grow, capital tends to consolidate in the hands of the few entrepreneurs and investors who started them. We wanted to run a pilot. To see if we could enable a wider range of people to contribute to and share in the growth of the products and services they base their businesses on.

So we created the partnership model, where industry professionals can become effective team members and invest their time, expertise and connections into BuildPartner. Rather than a gift card that eventually runs out or expires, our partners receive equity in exchange for these

They provide
Feedback and testing
Advisory support
Strategic direction
They provide
A better product
Risk free equity
Governance rights

In this way, not only do our users share in the development of a more effective business but they are also able to hold the business accountable through actual governance rights and avoid the common failings of companies who lose touch with their customers as they grow. But with our partners as part of our business, we will always stay focused on the heart of our work: supporting our fellow construction industry professionals.

Are you interested in becoming part of the partnership model?

We are always looking for fresh perspectives and new eyes! You can reach out to to learn more.