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What are builders’ day rates likely to be in 2023?

When renovating, extending or building a new house there are various different contractors that you will engage to complete your construction project. Construction costs are particularly volatile at the moment and while labour rates are generally slower to vary we have seen plenty of changes.

This breakdown of labour costs has been is based on an anlysis of our 2022 rates and estimating a small inflation increase into 2023. These averages are based on the thousands labour rates held within the BuildPartner system.

We’ve created a range for you broken down by trade and region:


Current trends on the BuildPartner product are showing estimates that construction prices are cooling off into the start of 2023, so we may see a small decrease in builders rates across the UK. We’ll keep you informed as ever and if you have any questions feel free to get in touch with



Written by,

Ken Vilaysane
Product Manager at BuildPartner



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