Dealing with stress

Stress comes from a feeling of being out of control. Here are some tactics for dealing with it:

  1. Manage your thoughts.
  2. Build a strong sense of self.
  3. Let nothing control you.
  4. Imagine the best in others.


  1. Manage your thoughts. It is not events which cause stress but the interpretation of them. Meditating and writing a diary can help objectify thoughts, reducing the emotional reaction to them. Being grateful also helps. It’s very difficult to be grateful for something and stressed at the same time.
  2. Build a strong sense of self. Constant improvement in physical and mental health increases a feeling of self-assurance. Seeing a direct correlation between input and output helps to increase responsibility for events and therefore control over them.
  3. Let nothing control you. Let go of dependencies. Drink, food, money and possessions trap people in a cycle of unfulfilled desire. The same is true of people, create a world which works according to your timetable. Less stress is better for everyone.
  4. Imagine the best in others. It is hard to imagine a stressful situation without it requiring someone else’s opinion. By looking for the most positive possible reaction such as imagining help and support the situation will seem less threatening.

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