Tips for being happy

A view of happiness is that it’s based on the current self’s congruence with the ideal self. Whenever the two are increasingly misaligned there is unhappiness, increasing alignment results in happiness. Some ways to reduce misalignment are:


  1. Accept all things as equal.
  2. Always look for the positive interpretation.
  3. Have clear purpose for actions.
  4. Create total autonomy.
  5. Practice self-discipline.
  6. Maintain community.
  7. Be true to yourself and others.


  1. Accept all things as equal. By accepting everything within the universe as equal one thing cannot be better than the other. Therefore there can be no misalignment between the ideal and the current. There is only what is and then the and individual’s interpretation of it.
  2. Always look for the positive interpretation. As only the interpretation of events can create meaning, by looking for the positive interpretation, the one which closes the gap between the current and the ideal there is consistent happiness. It is almost impossible to be grateful and unhappy at the same time.
  3. Have clear purpose for actions. If happiness is created by closing the gap between the current and the ideal. An ideal is required. Things are defined as good when they pull you towards that goal and bad when they are inconsistent with it. This could be self-improvement, a product for others or community. Ignore perfection for its own sake. Every action should be achievement oriented and have a scope which sets the context for its completion.
  4. Create total autonomy. Things themselves may not be better or worse than each other. But it’s still possible to want to improve their collective shape and reduce arbitrary impacts on the self. Autonomy creates this, but it only exists when put ahead of material possessions, relationships, everything. Although a car may be seen as a liberating vehicle, it creates a dependency. Happiness must exist with or without the car. Without autonomy actions will not be fulfilling as they are not in direct congruence with personal ideals.
  5. Practice self-discipline. This is your muscle which aligns the self with the vision of yourself. The stronger the muscle the more efficiently you will be able to pull those strands together.
  6. Maintain community. You see yourself reflected in those around you. Without a reflection you have no base level on which to see yourself. Strong communities have been shown to live happier, longer lives.
  7. Be true to yourself and others. Just as a gap between the current and the ideal can cause problems in a material sense. So it can in an emotional one. Congruence between the self and the projected self-image sets the tone for congruence between the self-image and reality.

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